Devotees Contributions

Many devotees have generously contributed to Sri Viswamitra Ananda Natha Yogashram, Parakala and to Sri Viswamitra Ananda Natha Yogashram Charitable Trust, Regonda in cash and extended their help in kind for completing construction of the Sri Sweta Lakshmi Varaahi Temple. Details of invaluable contributions in cash and kind made by a few ardent devotees are listed below.
1. Sri Penta Srinivas, Parakala : Marble flooring of garbhagudi, alaya pranganam, installation of metal grills for enclosing the complete temple premises.
2. Sri Marathi Srinu, Parakala : Donated idols of deitys - Moolavirat Sweta Lakshmi Varaahimaata, Dwarapalikalu, Kamyaprada Hanumanji for the temple.
3. Sri Maddela Balakrishna, Lab Technician, Parakala : Donated metal grills for the garbhagudi.
4. Sri Vemula Hanumantarao (Anjibabu), Sai Lakshmi Travels, Kottagudem : Donted Varaahimaata and Hanumanji's Utsava (metal) idols, Padukalu a.d Sthagopam (Shatari) for the temple.
5. Sri B. Rajesham, Dy Manager-APOILFED, Hyderabad : Contributed Rs 60000.00 in cash and Rice - 50 kgs, Oil - 90 kgs, Kumkum-50 kgs, 1000 cococnuts, collected from the farmer community around Amalapuram area.
6. Sri Md Yakoob, Luky Digital Studio, Hujurabad : Provided complete coverage of Vigrapratishta mahotsav with video recording and photography and also arranged loud speaker set , decoration of temple with color lighting for the function.
7. Sri Damodar Naidu, Hyderabad : Contributed Rs 50000.00 for the vigrahapratishta mahotsav, collected from friends, relatives and office colleagues.
8. Smt Lakshmi Raghuram, Advocate, High-Court, Hyderabad : Contributed Rs 25000.00 for the vigrahapratishta mahotsav, collected from friends and colleagues.
9. Sri Bikshupati, Patwari-Nijampalli, Regonda Mandalam: Contributed Rs 5000.00 in cash collected from colleagues and 6 quintals of rice for annadanam on vigrahapratishta day.
List of a few devotees contributions received in cash :
1. Sri Valasa Tirupati, Parakala-10000.00
2. A.kamala , Haidarabad - 10000.00
3. Gourisetti Janaardhan - 5000.00
4. K. Phanikumar, Eluru - 1116.00
5. B.S.Nehru, Draksharama - 1001.00
6. M.S. Narayana - Chandrapur - 501.00
7. R. Seshayya, Chennai - 501.00
8. B.V.Anant, Kakinada - 101.00
9. Sri S. Kishore Dut Garu - 10000.00
10.Sri H. Krishnamurty Garu - 508.00
Details of contributions from many others are being compiled and will be uploaded soon.
Further works such as construction of compound wall, providing bore well and drinking water facility and construction of two rooms for gudi pujari's residence, provision of loud speaker set etc are still to be done for this shrine. These works are held up due to shortage of funds and devotees are requested to contribute.
Contributions may be continued to be sent to Sri D.Venugopal, Treasurer, Temple Seva Committee, Sri Viswamitra Ananda Natha Yogashram / Sri Viswamitra Ananda Natha Yogashram Charitable Trust through money order or bank draft drawn in his favour and address it to the treasurer.
Sri Viswamitra Ananda Natha Yogashram Sri Viswamitra Ananda Natha Yogashram is now being re- registered as Sri Viswamitra Ananda Natha Yogashram Charitable Trust, Regonda-506348, Regonda Mandal, Jayasankarstrict (AP) to maintain this temple and also to take up other charitable activities.
Bank account details required for on line transfer of contributions to the trust shall be posted on this page after registration is completed. Details of the Trust can be accessed on charitable trust page.
For any details regarding temple and charitable trust - please contact Sri B V S BOSE, 09494660401 / 0884-2353853 or at