Sweta Lakshmi Varahi Temple

         Sri Purushottam Goud, resident of Regonda village took Ugra Narasimha and Vaaraahi Moola Mantra Upadeshams from Sadguru Viswamitra in the year 1982. Since then Sri Goud very religiously worshipped Vaaraahi Mata with nitya puja, mandala dikshas and homas. Vaarahi Mata blessed Sri Goud with alowkika vanamoolika vaidya vijnanam and gave adesham to serve the people with this knowledge.

Purushottam Goud helped many Aids Patients and patients with incurable diseases with vana moolika vaidya suggestions and is very successful in helping a few hundred people since then. He performs Homam and Pratyeka Puja for people in distress and remedies their sorrows with the blessings of Vaaraahimaata. He is fondly called "Regonda Swamy" by virtue of his ability to help and remedy distressed people in need from all parts of our state.

Guru Viswamitra, pleased with his devotion gave him Paduka Diksha in the year 1999, named him Dasananda, made him his pradhama sishya and gave away all his Upasana Shakti to him.

Some time in the year 1999, while Sri Goud and other disciples were performing Vaarahi homam at Sammakka –Sarakka Shrine, he got the Sakshtkar of Vaaraahi Mata as Sweta Lakshmi Varaahi Devi in Prasanna Lakshmi Rupam (Abhaya Hastam and Lotus in the other hand) and received adesham to build her temple in Regonda. Dasananda started worshipping Maha Vaaraahi as Sweta Lakshmi Varaahi in the form of Varaaha Mukhi Prasanna Lakshmi rupam since then.

Subsequently in the year 2002, Dasananda performed Bhumi Puja in his own landed property in the outskirts of Regonda for construction of Sweta Lakshmi Varaahi Temple and Sadguru Viswamitra laid the foundation stone.

Sri Goud as president along with other disciples of Sadguru Viswamitra established a Peetham in honour of their guru in the year 2005 and later the name of Peetham is changed to Yogasrm and registered it in Aug 2010 as Sri Viswamitra Ananda Natha Yogashram, Parakala with a prime objective of construction of Sweta Lakshmi Varaahi Temple in Regonda as per the adesham of Vaaraahi Devi.

Dasananda in his regular Sakshatkars of Sweta Lakshmi Vaarahi Mata time to time received detailed specifications of the temple to be built, size and shape and colour of Moola Virat and Dwarapalikas their placement etc. and that, there will be no doors for the antaralayam, no Kshetrapalaka for the shrine, Moola Virat will be her Prasanna Lakshmi Rupam (Abhaya Hastam and Lotus in the other hand). Dwrapalaka Varnini will be on her left and Supushtini will be on her right.

Finally, construction of Sweta Lakshmi Varaahi Mata temple as per adeshams given by the deity herself is nearly complete by April 2013 with voluntary contributions from devotees of Vaarahi Mata in cash and kind.
Moola Virat Pratishta took place on the auspicious Ugadi Day, 11/04/2013 with vedokta sampradaya rituals and gaiety. Along with Sweta Lakshmi Varaahi Mata and Dwrapalikalu on either side of the deity, Kamya Prada Hanuman vigraham also is placed in the temple on the north side with the consent and blessings of Vaarahai Mata.

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